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The Last Yugoslavs

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A filmmaker goes back to her forgotten country searching for the meaning of identity.

Production Specs: Digital Feature Documentary - Mostar, BiH - 21 Days of principal photography - Crew of 4 - In Post


Lana Oppen travels back to Bosnia to produce a documentary about the conflicting identities in current day Mostar and in the process identifies her own struggles as a Yugoslavian-Bosnian-Croatian-Canadian. In this feature-length documentary, Lana digs through her journey leaving Yugoslavia during the war and assimilating into Canadian culture. As she reaches back, she discovers that this documentary has been in the makings for 20+ years.



What I learned

Oh boy! Producing in a country with a language you don’t speak is certainly NOT an easy task, so I very quickly learned the value of having a “fixer”. The connections, resources, and knowledge of someone who knows the territory is unparalleled to all the research you could possibly do.